Garg Solutions services are vary includes technical consultation, application development, business process automation and business and application support

Garg Solutions has developed a wide range of products targeting the Co operative Society andhealthcare industry along with small business enterprises. Our products are designed ininnovated cutting-edge manner to meet the rapidly evolving and growing requirements. Ourcomprehensive and flexible products and solutions are designed to:

  • Minimize paper work.

  • Reduce administrative costs.

  • Adopt international standards.

  • Sustain business workflow.

  • Enhance productivity.

  • Assure quality customer service.

We believe in Quality with Excellence along with New Technologies

Products Integration

Our Products are using and/or can have different integrated modules and/or systems that support and provide extra layers and/or interfaces to them such as Mobile App and Smart card techniques.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications play tremendous role to collect all the information remotely and centralize the data into existing system. These are very user friendly and easy to operate. Moreover it helps customers of institutions to get all necessary information on real time basis linked directly to the database through a secure connection.

Smart Card Readers & Techniques

Implementing the smart card techniques will facilitates the information services and validation and assures the up-to-date instant checking, validating and services and digitally identifies the rights for each party

Cloud Base Technology

When it comes to time, every minute counts. As we believe, timely information always rewarded. The online applications management integrated to our solutions provides immediate and secured online access to customers for verifying all the transactions incurred by them, and much more. The online application allows on- the-spot access to all of required data, right up to account repository.

Mission, Staff & Vision

We are committed to offering unrivaled business automation consultation and turnkey solutions in addition to a unique technical support to our valuable clients.

Garg Solutions is powered by highly skilled professionals of consultants, developers, and executives equipped with the latest managerial and IT tools and works round assure the timely delivery of your applications with the highest quality.

Our vision is to become a world provide clients with innovated technical and business solutions by utilizing industry standards and technology.

We believe in

  • Motivation

  • Collective responsibility and leadership

  • Professionalism and ethics

  • Adding values to our client needs